Web Services


We provide a variety of Web services including hosting, scripting and site design.

  • Web hosting
    Depending upon your expertese and the complexity of your site,
    we can host it for you. We currently have no pre-defined packages,
    but facilities available include the PostgreSQL database, PHP,
    Perl, Apache,... etc.

  • Web Server Side Scripting
    See the Northern Territory Bird Atlas Maps Pages for an example of some of our scripting.

  • Web site design and layout (please note that we are not graphic artists)
    Most of our design services are provided for locally hosted sites,
    but we can provide more general consulting should it be required.
    We deal in functional, not artistic web sites. If you like our site, talk to us: the search indexes, feedback and support pages are all maintained automatically.

Please contact us if you would like to know more..