Virtual Mapping


See the Maps Section of the Northern Territory Bird Atlas for an example of dynamically generated maps. This product is still under development, but please address any comments, questions, or suggestions to us via our feedback page.

The current version supports:

  • PNG and GIF output
  • Maps stored as compressed raster files (no vector data). This is fairly intensive on disk space, but cheap on CPU load. The detailed maps of Australia used in the Bird Atlas take about 45MB for all three layers at multiple resolutions.
  • Dynamic generation of maps from map data, with the option of overlaying more data at runtime. The Bird Atlas maps are all generated on the fly - both coverage and species maps.
  • Layers. Rudimentary support for hiding and showing layers is also available. The Bird Atlas maps are actually built from three layers (base, roads and rivers).
  • Zoom, Pan etc.

Future plans include:

  • Integration with a database of place names
  • User-customizable features such as choice of colour, grid lines.