Announcing TriPlot for Windows


It's almost here; the much awaited Windows version of TriPlot is just around the corner (due early in the new year) -- with huge improvements over our prototype web-based tool.

Feedback from out alpha testers has been incorporated, and we will release it for beta testing soon. If you would like to be part of the test programme, please use the beta request form and we will send you details as soon as it is available.

We've incorporated many frequently requested features, but maintained a very strict focus on the primary purpose of the software. See Key Features (below) for more details.

What is TriPlot for Windows?

TriPlot for Windows is an application for anyone who regularly uses TriLinear or Piper plots for water analysis. Simple-to-use software which just produces trilinear/piper plots is hard to find. By concentrating on a single task, and doing it well, we hope to get everyone who wants these kinds of charts to use our software.

Key Features

By cutting and pasting data from Microsoft Excel, text files or any other source, you will be able to produce professional charts with customizable symbols, annotations and colour schemes. The highly interactive charts will also help you to understand your data in ways not possible with simple charting programs.

The resulting charts can be customized, resized, the pasted back into any report, publication or presentation. They can even be saved as GIF or JPEG files.

Key features include:

Multiple Chart windows
Each chart exists in its own window and can be printed, saved, copied etc. This makes it easier to compare charts and to explore different aspects of a single data set by cloning any existing chart.

Intelligent cut & paste
Support for sensible parsing of cut & pasted data using an intuitive wizard.

Cursor Tracking
Move the cursor over any data point symbol on the chart and the data table will highlight the corresponding data row.

Easy editing
Editing data is easy, and it will automatically convert between MEq values and ppm values.

You can add annotations to both the chart itself and any individual points.

Population Styles
Each point can be made part of a population which can be assigned its own symbol, style and colour.


We remain comitted to academic and student users, as well as those not using our software to derive their income. For these people the software will be free of fees -- we only require that you acknowledge the use of our software.

For commercial use, a competitive license fee will be announced.

Where are the Screen Shots?

They are on their way...keep checking this page.


Windows XP (or OS with .Net Framework 2.0).