Trilinear Plot Java Applet


News (14-Nov-2005)

The windows version of TriPlot is almost here.

This Java applet is useful for creating the kind of trilinear plots used in hydrological
analysis. Data can be entered in PPM or MEq, and will be plotted by the applet. The output
page can optionally include tables of converted data, although this latter function is limited on some

Click here to use the applet.

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If you wish to be informed of changes or updates to this application, use our Information Request Form, and you will
be informed when updates appear.

A 'pure Java' Triplot application is currently in development - this *should* run on a variety
of platforms, be independant of browsers etc. Most likely it will be sold as (cheap) shareware.

If you are interested in this, please send us an information request.