Document Management Tools


Our range of document management products incorporates three separate products, targeted at all levels
of user from the home user to the large corporation.

Brief summaries of these products are given below, and a brochure (in PDF format) can be requested by using our Information Request Form. The file will be mailed back to you.

We also have extensive experience in developing custom document management solutions. Please contact us if are interested in a custom solution.

The Document Reader

The entry level product. It is capable of reading up to 200 file formats (depending on licensing), as well as viewing the markup files created by the other products in the range.

Document Markup

The same basic product as the reader, but with the added ability to create markup files and perform batch printing and plotting.

Document Manager

Built around the same technology as the other products in the family, the Manager incorporates many functions required drafting houses and large corporations alike. It not only views and prints files, it also stores them in a database, keeps multiple versions, allows users to search on specific (user-defined) attributes of the documents, handles notifications related to document changes, and much more.

Use our Information Request Form to request further details.