(R)DB Tools


A general purpose application for querying Oracle RDB (formerly Dec RDB) databases.

Unlike the default ODBC query tool that ships with the Oracle RDB ODBC drivers. (R)DB Tools
allows unlimited query size and contains numerous features needed by DBAs and programmers alike:

  • Transaction Support

  • Logging
  • Query history with results
  • Parameterized queries
  • User defined transaction statements
  • Query timer
  • Multiple database attachments
  • Save & Restore of lists of queries (and their results)
  • Popdown list of commonly accessed databases

It also incorporates a drill-down explorer-style interface to metadata, allowing
for examination of triggers,
views, procedures as well as tables, fields and indexes.

You can download the help file (55k) if you wish to get a general idea of the features available, or you can request the product using the form below and we will send it to you via email as soon as possible.

Request (R)DB Tools Installers

You may also request a demo installer for the (R)DB Tools.

The limited demo version costs nothing, and the details you privide will only be used internally. The version you receive will be fully functional 'crippled-nag-ware': it will pop up an annoying dialog until you register it, and you will only be able to have one active query window and one explorer window.