General Information


  • Our Local Weather Forcast
  • The weather for the next few days in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    (a Ballarat forecast is also available).

  • PGP International
    Home of the shareware/freeware public key crytography system. It plugs seemlessly into the major mailers. This is the place to get it if you don't live in the U.S.A.

For Developers

Web Tools

  • Apache Web Server Home Page.
    A very popular, high quality, free, web server that runs on just about anything.

  • The Perl Institute
    Information about the Perl programming langauge (it also runs on just about anything, is free, of high quality, and is extremely useful if you are building complex Web sites.
  • Suck/INN FAQ.
    We maintain the Suck/INN FAQ. INN is a Unix News Server, and Suck is a collection of
    programs for feeding news to your local news server via an NNRP feed.

  • GD Graphics Library
    A very useful graphics library for constructing and manipulating GIF files, especially
    useful in conjunction with Perl when making dynamic Web pages.
    See the Maps Section of the

    Northern Territory Bird Atlas
    for an example of dynamically generated images.

    Due to patent restrictions in the US, the latest version of the GD library no longer
    supports GIF format, and has opted for the (superior)
    PNG Format. Unfortunately
    GIF files are fairly ubiquitous, so this site now provide a set of patches to
    the GD library
    which reinstate GIF support.


  • PostgreSQL
    An excellent free multi-user unix relational database with some OO extensions. This is an
    open source project, and like so many other open source project provides better free support
    than many commercial DBs. And because it's open source, if you have a problem that has to be
    fixed you can either fix it youself, or, more likely, pay a PostgreSQL developer to fix it.
  • Oracle
    A mainstream database vendor. Oracle runs on numerous platforms and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.