About Albatross Consulting...

Founded in 1988 (the year of the Australian bicentenary), Albatross Consulting initially provided
fairly narrowly focussed contract programming skills targetted at the Vax/VMS mainframe industry.

With the recession came a broadening of the focus, and by the early 1990's, Albatross was beginning
to bring it's Corporate/Mainframe expertise to bear on the growing client/server and personal computer

Early products were targetted at the Apple Macintosh and Newton platforms, but rapid developments
in the quality and availability of PC development tools meant another shift: this time into
both custom and 'shrink wrapped' PC software.

It was also in the early 1990's that Albatross began to offer Geochemical and Geological
Consulting Services, and these have now grown to include Environmental Management,
especially targetted at minesite rehabilitation.

With the growth of Internet access, we branched out into offering web services including
web hosting, development, design & support. Our IT services also include development
of custom Intranet applications.